MENA Vape Awards '22-03 (1)


Based in Orlando, Florida, Monster Vape Labs has always led the industry regarding innovation and quality standardisation of e-liquids. Offering a premium vaping experience to all of its customers, Monster Vape Labs has a selection of popular e-liquid ranges and disposable vapes to suit everyone.  

Monster Vape Lab’s mission has always been to provide adults of legal age with a variety of option to help them move away from combustible cigarettes. 


Pop Vapor is a global vape brand specialising in creating the most exciting and real tasting vape products which deliver ultimate satisfaction.

Founded in California, Pop Vapor creates and develops quality nicotine-based products using cutting edge innovations and a wide range of flavours. The current product line consists of a closed pod system and a range of disposable vapes. Their ultimate mission is to create an outstanding vaping experience for existing smokers.


7 Daze is a leading e-liquid brand and manufacturer from southern California. In 2016, 7 Daze created a flavour that would be unparallel to any other on the market – Reds Apple eJuice. Now with one of the largest vape manufacturing facilities in Southern California, 7 Daze strives to provide adult smokers with quality alternatives to combustible cigarettes.

Daddy’s Vapor is a global distributor of premium e-liquids. distributes several renowned brands including Twist, Off the Record, Dripset Vapor, Lost Art, and Sad Boy among many other e-liquids. 

Daddy’s Vapor has earned a trusted reputation for its timely shipping, promotion, and delivery of premium e-liquid brands.

Ripe Vapes is a premium brand of e-liquids with a sophisticated presentation, reminiscent of fine wine. From their wine-styled labels to the brand’s logo, Ripe Vapes’ handcrafted e-liquid is designed with the vape connoisseur in mind. 

The quality and branding of their products has secured a top-shelf position in thousands of vape shops across the USA and worldwide.

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MYLE Vape, a global vape company launched in 2015, was created to provide a secure and desirable alternative to combustible cigarettes, that is pleasurable for the consumer in terms of ease of use, customization and durability.

MYLE Vape manufactures disposables, additional pod systems, rechargeable devices and vape accessories that are distributed globally outside the United States.

Founded in Nov. 2019, OXVA is a rising and fast-growing vaping brand born during the pandemic. Under the leadership of Justin Lai, OXVA has grown up to be one of the major players in just two years, now having more than 100 passionate team members working on product development & marketing, and about 1000 productions workers. At present, OXVA has sold over 30 countries. 130+ distributors and 250K + enthusiastic fans on social media make OXVA a vaping brand of global reputation.

PNDUS Biotechnology offers high-quality electronic cigarettes through innovative designs and production for both OEM and ODM. 

Founded in July 2020, PNDUS has a diverse team of over 5000 employees aspiring to enrich and improve people’s health through their products and services. 

PNDUS pursues the ‘Quality First’ concept, and always regards quality as a core part of all production and operations, thus has passed many international certifications, including ISO9001 quality management system certification, UL8139, CE, RoHS and FCC.

Elda Ltd is the first registered European company to manufacture e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. 

Since 2008, the company has been developing rapidly, keeping pace with the fast rise of the e-cigarette industry, and has grown in a short amount of time from a small family company into one of the leading vape manufacturers in the world.

The president of the company started his vision by finding the highest quality and rich aromas, and designing and creating formulas that became the best recipes on the market today. Today 99% of their production is being exported to 80 countries in the world.

The Dr Vapes brand story started in 2016, with both founders collectively experimenting with e-liquid flavours in their own home. They wanted to come up with flavour concoctions that weren’t already on the market. After taking their creations out to the local community to try out, they soon realised there was a growing demand. Their friends used to jokingly exclaim “The Doctors are here” when they used to visit, thus “Dr Vapes” was born.

Dr Vapes has since become a multi-award-winning brand with a headquarters in the heart of London as well as Malaysia, and products stocked in 67 countries worldwide.

Their core values include wanting to help millions of smokers around the world switch to vaping by making the experience safe and enjoyable.

This huge potential for improving public health is what drives the brand to keep growing and continuing to making sure they provide their customers with what they want and more. They are dedicated to offer only the highest quality products while providing the best levels of service and care possible to their customers, as they are the heart of the business.

MOTI is a congregated group company dedicated to the vaping industry that integrates R&D, manufacture, distribution, and retail. With the mission statement “to bring positive change and joy to all our partners and consumers”, MOTI aims to offer the best products and services for all.

MOTI owns dozens of product lines covering all aspects of vaping. These include e-liquids, coils, pod systems, disposables and more. Not only that, but they have 100+ scientists and engineers, two manufacturing facilities, 1000+ employees, 40,000+ retail shops, and different office locations worldwide.

My Vapery is a premium e-liquid and CBD retailer offering award-winning flavours from the world’s biggest brands. Shipping to the UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia, My Vapery offers the freshest vaping products, vape kits, vape accessories, disposables and more at low-cost prices.

They not only offer the best quality e-liquids on the market but also create develop their own e-liquid and CBD brands, offering unique flavour profiles and the latest innovation.