The Big Winners - in Pictures

The MENA Vape Awards 2024 celebrated the best of the vape industry with a remarkable 39 award categories. Among the big winners were FEELM Tech, Gold Bar, MYLÉ, and the promising newcomer Yeti securing the most prestigious honours of the night. We take a look at who claimed the most sought-after awards of the evening.

Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry | GEEKVAPE

industry leader | MYLÉ

Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry | GEEKVAPE



Geekvape has been honoured with the Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry award this year.

With a global customer base exceeding 30 million, their primary goal is to introduce innovative products and ensure a dependable user experience for vapers.

Their expertise in smart manufacturing for e-cigarettes has positioned them as leaders in high-quality development within the vape sector.

Geekvape’s commitment to intelligent manufacturing sets a high standard for the industry, making them a fitting choice for the MENA region’s winner.

industry leader | MYLÉ



The Industry Leader award for this year has been given to MYLÉ – one of the fastest-growing nicotine delivery systems worldwide.


MYLÉ has outperformed its rivals to establish a worldwide market benchmark in offering customers a high-quality substitute for smoking.


By utilising cutting-edge vaping device technology along with scientifically crafted e-liquid formulas, MYLÉ aims to become a global leader in offering tobacco users a desirable alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Best innovation | insta

hall of fame | feelm tech

Best innovation | insta

Best innovation


Insta Max

The prestigious Innovation award of this year is presented to Insta for their remarkable creation, the Insta Max. Insta has developed a user-friendly and convenient refilling system.


Their cutting-edge mesh coil design ensures an unparalleled vaping experience by delivering an exceptional combination of rich flavour.


This state-of-the-art refilling system truly sets the Insta Max apart from the rest.

hall of fame | feelm tech

Hall of Fame


FEELM TECH, the market-leading brand in technology solutions, has been honoured with this year’s Hall of Fame award.


Renowned for its groundbreaking advancements in high-end atomisation technology, FEELM has completely transformed the vaping experience worldwide.


With FEELM atomisers integrated into vaping devices, they have emerged as the dominant market leaders in the MENA region.


Undoubtedly, FEELM TECH is a highly deserving winner of the prestigious Hall of Fame Award for this year.

best new brand | yeti

best reviewer | onz vape

best new brand | yeti

Best New Brand


The Best New Brand of the year has been given to Yeti, a product of the highly acclaimed UK manufacturer Prohibition.


Yeti was specifically designed to provide a unique and cool twist to vape liquids by incorporating a refreshing icy touch to every flavour.


Their line of e-liquids promises a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. Ever since their introduction in the MENA region, it’s clear that Yeti is making a big impact and will continue to thrive in the market.

best reviewer | onz vape

Best Reviewer


ONZ VAPE, the renowned vape reviewer from Egypt, has been crowned as this year’s reviewer of the year.


With an impressive subscriber count of 426K on his YouTube channel, he holds a prominent position in the vape industry.


Known for his multi-award winning reviews, ONZ VAPE aims to bridge the gap between manufacturers and users, making his channel one of the most influential and interactive platforms in the vaping community.

best branding & marketing | gold bar

e-liquid of the year | pod salt

e-liquid of the year | pod salt

e-liquid of the year

pod salt

Subo Lemon Slice

The e-liquid of the year award for this year has been presented to the renowned brand Pod Salt for their Subo Lemon Slice.


After a rigorous selection process involving thousands of votes, this product has emerged as the top choice for the MENA region’s e-liquid of the year.


Pod Salt offers a delightful taste of Lemon sponge cake with their Subo Lemon Slice and premium nicotine salt formula.

best branding & marketing | gold bar

Best Branding and Marketing

Gold bar

The Best Branding and Marketing award for this year has been rightfully presented to Gold Bar.


In a competitive market, Gold Bar has successfully emerged as a frontrunner in the disposable vapes sector.


Their marketing strategies, combined with the luxurious design of Gold Bar vapes, have captivated millions of vapers wordwide, establishing them as a highly sought-after product in the industry.