Monster Vape Labs
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Monster Vape Labs, has been a pioneer in the e-liquid industry, focusing on innovation and quality standardisation. The company’s primary goal is to offer a variety of options for legal adults to help them quit smoking combustible cigarettes. In 2021, Monster Vape Labs became the industry leader by switching all of its products to Non-Tobacco derived Nicotine, further demonstrating its commitment to providing high-quality and safe products to its customers.

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Kardinal e-liquids was established in 2017 by the co-owners and artisans of Witchcraft Brewing Co., a renowned e-liquid manufacturer based in Malaysia. The motivation behind Kardinal’s creation was not profitability but rather the founders’ passion for challenging the status quo and developing a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.  The premium brand is now available in more than 30 countries worldwide with a growing customer base.

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OXVA is one of the fastest-growing e-cigarette brands in the world. They pride themselves on producing premium quality e-cigarettes and providing unparalleled customer service. Their mission is to build a strong trust with their customers by offering reliable products and exceptional service. OXVA is committed to helping millions of smokers switch to e-cigarettes, with the aim of providing a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.